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Welcome to Compost ROcks!
Get ready to rock the world of Recycled Organics!

dirtgirl, scrapboy and Costa the garden gnome want to share all they know about caring for a garden…and especially about one of their favourite things – Compost. 

Just like we can recycle cans and bottles …we can recycle our food scraps and garden waste…our organics…into beautiful new healthy compost to feed our soil, feed our plants and grow more food!

Join the movement towards compost and away from landfill!

Join Costa's Compost Academy- do the free e-course, watch the latest FABisode and get to hear all the latest ideas, tips and ways of using compost.

Join dirtgirl , scrapboy and Costa the Garden Gnome as they rock the world of Compost. Find out how to get your green bin right and sign up for Costa's compost academy.

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Our Outcomes

  • 10 x 10 minute webisodes
  • 10 x website DIRTorial's to collect
  • Costa's BINtensive Free Online Course
  • Partnering with - Clarence Valley Council, Tweed Shire Council, Liverpool City Councils, North East Waste, Closed Loop Solutions, Worm Tech, Planet Ark, Lismore City Council, Australian Native Landscapes.