When dreaming about dirtgirlworld, Hewey and Cate always envisaged something truly beautiful.  A photomontage world that blended the real with the unreal , inhabited by characters that celebrated life  outside and connected with children in a profound way.

This is why they chose to go down an untrodden path in preschool animation. They wanted characters with heart,  that were real and genuine and spoke directly to the children who tuned in....sounds like live action ....but what they wanted was live action with a twist.

The decision to create characters with real eyes, mouths and bodies is the result of these desires. The technique is ground breaking. It brings the opportunity for the animated characters of dirtgirl and scrapboy, to tell the story and share the joy with a real heart that shines through the eyes ...creating gorgeous, with an edge.

It’s a contemporary look, has a music video feel, is stylish, innovative and engaging ...and more beautiful than they ever imagined.


'go get grubby' is the theme song from dirtgirlworld, the award winning hit kids TV show.

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