The get grubby program is an innovative online curriculum subscription service for councils, early childhood centres and now families.

It focuses on sustainability and features never seen before dirtgirlworld video content, activity kits and educator guides designed to encourage active participation in early childhood sustainability learning.

The ten program units cover the 3R’s, saving energy, being water wise, composting, worm farming and growing a food garden…lots of fun and practical activities focused on sustainability and eco celebrations…such as earth day, world water day and world environment day.

The get grubby program aspires to create confident, resilient and involved learners by combining play and intentional teaching. It is a holistic approach that recognises that the best outcomes for sustainability learning are achieved through practical activities that engage mind, body and spirit that build everyday behaviours.

Our outcomes

  • Pre schools across Australia signed up to the program through the support of their local councils
  • dirtgirl and scrapboy have visited pre-schools to check in with the greenthumbs
  • dirtgirlworld nominated for outstanding preschool programme at the 2011 Japan Prize , Tokyo