Where inspiration and imagination come naturally

Snuggle up and come inside babyccino's imagination.
It's a pop up forest world
where playing hide and seek can start an avalanche,
where sticks and stones can build thrones
and where a baby hedgehog is not a ball!

The hero of all the stories in this world, 
Babyccino transforms into a naturkind
and with best friend, Bom Bom
explores the forest world in the simplest of ways.

No home, no bed, no worries
Armed with a journal., a pencil and a sticcolo firmly tucked into a hat flap ,
Babyccino is free to wander and wonder,
Unencumbered by worldly things

Oh and Babyccino always carries quick sticks…just in case
because when the going gets tough , Babyccino gets knitting
It's amazing just how many problems can be knitted away
If it's a ladder, net, pouch or nest that is needed, it's not a problem.
Babyccino has a fluffy fix for any sticky situation.


The colourful pop up forest is a place where the gentler rhtyms of life are felt
and the natural world is a cherished friend
It's elemental and whimsical,
playful and charming,
sweet and gentle,
musical and poetic ….just like Babyccino.


It's from nature's wisdom and creature teachers
that Babyccino gets to know the world
It's a world of wonder beyond words,
where shadows give clues and hands speak code.


It's a 52 X 12 minute animated series which explore natural science, art, 
music and literacy.

Babyccino's forest preschool is the place of early learning for early learners!

Babyccino is currently in development with the ABC  and has development
assistance from Screen NSW.