Mar 18, 2012

club dirtgirlworld

Introducing clubdirtgirlworld.

dirtgirl is passionate about ‘doing’ things to help the planet.

Everyday she meets other kids that feel the same.

Why not start a club, where kids who care for the planet can
hang out, have a say, get involved and have fun.
And that’s exactly what she did



Made for the wee set, not only is it a place for planet loving preschoolers…

it’s also an early intro to the world of social media.
At club dirtgirlworld, these digi natives create a username and password and
an avatar. They can save, send, like, download, delete, review and record.
It’s uber cool and uber safe in this real people moderated online playspace.

Designed around the forest at the back of dirtgirl’s place
this beautiful and magical setting
lets little voices say big things,
make planet wishes,
celebrate the great things they are doing
and start an actionist attitude that we hope sticks as they grow.
It’s ad free.
It’s audio rather than text driven.
It’s made for little kids by people with little kid hearts.
It’s club dirtgirlworld!