Mar 1, 2006

Kidscreen New York

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Cate and Aliison have just returned from the 7th Annual Kidscreen conference where they wined and dined and bowled their way around New York. It was Aliison's first trip to the Big Apple, which is evident in the sheer amount of photos she took to capture the two weeks.

The conference was a positive experience that shook Aliison's world.

It was Cate's third visit and the staggering amount of projects, delegates (over 1000) and broadcasters didn't seem to faze her. Once again hit it! was met enthusiastically by broadcasters and digital media partners. There has been an obvious shift in the traditional broadcasters view and knowledge of innovative, multi delivery projects since mememe won best pitch presentation at Kidscreen 2004. Kidscreen 2006 confirmed that hit it! is a unique and timely project and that the new, bold and brave approach to programming sees the world ready for the hit it! onslaught.

What Now
With bags packed again, Cate, along with the Burberry crew and new supervising producer, Jenni Tosi, is off to Cannes, in the first week of April, to attend Mip TV. The team will follow up on the follow-up meetings Cate followed up on, at Kidscreen. Everything is in place and the team is ready to do business.

But there's more
The Dirtgirl pages have been updated by the creative and genuinely best web programmer ever, Karl Williams, and are worth a look.

In fact if you haven’t heard the CD then you’ve got no excuse, as now there’s an order form attached for 'dirtgirlworld'.