Feb 9, 2007

Travels - Toronto and New York

Cate took a trip to Toronto to check out the town and catch up with some friends.

First port of call was Niagara Falls a very different winter experience and very different from the Niagara Falls we see in the movies. Rather than the 100s of tourists usually found surrounding the falls Cate got to experience this natural phenomenon with just eight other people.With temperatures around -15C and rugged up to the max Cate and Kim Wilson enjoyed the day and took heaps of happy snaps.

A visit to the marblemedia headquarters was next on the list.

Having met the marblemedia crew at many conferences and events, Cate was excited see where the gang hang out….and she wasn’t disappointed. The remodeled historical building housed the enthusiastic team and the working environment was sensational. Mark Bishop also shared the Toronto night life with Cate, who felt very much at home in the city. They worked out that they now have shared meals together in Sydney, Cannes, New York and Toronto.

Then it was up the CN tower…the tallest tower in the world…to grab a bird’s eye view of a snow covered and icy Toronto.

Finishing up with a Canadian feast in the revolving restaurant… it was a great way to enjoy Toronto.

A visit to the CBC and Kim Wilson’s children’s television department uncovered an interesting fact. Kim Wilson has the most toys in the world!

Well if not now, she sure is well on her way. What fun to meet and talk about dirtgirlworld on tiny chairs at a tiny table under Ernie’s watchful eye.

Left alone for a few minutes Cate captured some of the toy highlights to share an insight into the real Kim.

Next stop New York

Cate returned to New York and enjoyed a few days shopping, v isiting galleries and seeing Broadway musicals before the Jennies arrived.

Jenny, ‘Princess of Justice’, Lalor and Jenni ‘Rockefeller’ Tosi joined Cate in the city that never sleeps.

It was all go go go, freezing cold and massive fun!

Hanging out in Times Square...




...MOMA ...for a MOMA sundae, oh and the art too